Software Solutions

From RSAP:-

RSAP has an increasing number of ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions which are successfully being used by a number of our customers. Information on these solutions is provided below:

SAP RF Scanning Solution

The RSAP SAP Radio Frequency Terminal solution provides wireless handheld terminal support for supply chain and inventory management functions. Business logic is contained within SAP ERP whilst presentation and data capture functions (including bardcode scanning) are performed on character or GUI based handheld terminals.

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SAP to POS Connector

The AdvanceRetail Enterprise Data Connector for SAP provides a high performance interconnection between AdvanceRetail POS and SAP Retail. It is based on the ARTS IXRetail schema and it is integrated with SAP Systems Manager.

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From Our Partners:-


Winshuttle provides software products that improve how business users work with SAP. For customers who struggle with rigid, expensive and inefficient processes that limit their ability to adapt to changing business conditions, Winshuttle has the solution. The Winshuttle Platform enables customers to build and adapt Excel and SharePoint-based interactive forms and workflows for SAP without programming. Thousands of Winshuttle customers have radically accelerated SAP processes, saving and redirecting millions of dollars every day.

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Flow B2B

Flow B2B Software is used to implement electronic data interchange (‘EDI’) solutions and to integrate applications in small and medium sized applications.

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BarTender is an industry-leading label design and barcode application. With BarTender, a few quick mouse motions are all it takes to combine bar codes, text and graphics into professional quality labels. You can even encode RFID tags. BarTender gives you total control over your label’s appearance, including the type and size of text, bar codes and graphics. BarTender can be deployed into a widely distributed store network easily, and it can be integrated with almost any third party system including SAP.

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